A Long Tradition

We are fourth-generation jewelers, having served the industry in many capacities for over three-quarters of a century.  My grandfather made rings in the Chicago area.  My father cut colored gemstones for the trade in Palm Beach, Florida.

The ring above was designed and manufactured in about 1939 by my grandfather, Edward Kysilka (1900-1967).  It was considered "cutting edge" at the time because it was made of stainless steel and 14k yellow gold.

You could say the jewelry business is in our blood.  My cousin taught at the Gemological Institute of America for many years and now runs a design and manufacturing operation.  My sister and another cousin own jewelry stores in Nebraska and Illinois.

The gemstone shown above is a 35.50 ct. synthetic ruby cut by my father, Charles L. Kuba (1922-1989) in about 1980.