How to Buy a Diamond

Iowa Diamond is different from just about every other jewelry store you've ever been in or are likely to see.  Our difference lies in the way we sell diamonds and the number of different ring styles we have to try on every day.  In fact, we have more engagement ring styles than all the stores in a regional mall, combined.  And many are exclusive to Iowa Diamond.

So what's the other big difference?  In short, our customers buy diamonds the way professional diamond buyers buy diamonds.  Exactly the same way and with the same advantages.  If you come to Iowa Diamond, you'll see what we mean and it will absolutely astonish you.  Incidentally, 86 out of 100 customers who shop at Iowa Diamond eventually make their purchases from us.  We must be doing something right.  At Iowa Diamond, we'll teach you the cardinal rules of the professional diamond buyer, which will give you something money can't buy... confidence.